Sunday, 28 June 2009

Trans-An Time

I passed my degree! This is effectively a massive result, I got a 2.2 so I am officially a Mechanical Engineer, albeit a rogue one. In way of celebration I am sacking off any engineering and heading to the biggest of big apples, NYC. I'll be staying with my boy DC out there and I am VERY excited now. Get ready for an onslaught.

Once we've shut the whole city down I'll hop on a greyhound up to Boston to meet my pal Chris, we'll be picking up his 37ft gaf ketch, "Meander" in Portsmouth and then it's the big push east for a month of hectic adventure across the North Atlantic. Here is a chart showing our rough passage plan.

This is a pretty savage undertaking so we have to take the whole thing pretty seriously, with strict rules for water consumption as well as plenty of safety considerations. Despite wearing our serious faces so we don't come a cropper this is going to be the trip of trips for me so far, so I'm itching to get under way and start making way! Bring it on, I'm so pumped.

Needless to say we won't have internet, the odd sat phone text will update our position so it'll be a month with next to no contact with people I'm very close to. I'm going to miss you, but we'll be home before you know it.

Peace lovers x

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